Blog Design for Two Bright Lights, Done Brilliantly

"Done Brilliantly Blog, Two Bright Lights, Doodle Dog Creative Blog Design""Done Brilliantly Blog, Two Bright Lights, Doodle Dog Creative Blog Design"

This month, Doodle Dog coordinated with San-Francisco-based biz Two Bright Lights to launch a new and improved blog site, Done Brilliantly. Our new friends Siri and Shalyn began Two Bright Lights in 2010 to “showcase the talent and brain-power of businesses in the wedding industry” with a ever-growing collection of the brightest work in the wedding industry, available on the web. Their growth until this point in time raised the awareness for the need of a more comprehensive blog site, for which the duo found Doodle Dog Creative to propose the project.

As they say, the rest is history.

We gladly bring you Done Brilliantly, the blog of Two Bright Lights.

"Done Brilliantly Blog, Two Bright Lights, Doodle Dog Creative Blog Design"

Notably, the blog site was re-vamped, incorporating the Two Bright Lights teal and a soft grey throughout the design. Whimsy means business in the marriage of hand-drawn and sophisticated ‘teletype’ on every page. Within the new site, users and visitors now have the ability to surf Done Brilliantly for the most popular posts, the most inspirational posts, and the most educational posts, alike. Learn about the founding sisters of the company, and enjoy the merits of advertising and submitting work to them, as well. Among the host of new features on the site are an e-news subscription feed, a polling section (where the TBL ladies get to pick your brain), and an extensive social media connection.

"Blog Design, Done Brilliantly, Doodle Dog Creative, Two Bright Lights, Doodle Dog Blog Design"

We thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with Siri and Shalyn to launch Done Brilliantly. Keep your eyes peeled for the great things in store from Two Bright Lights; this is your chance to take your business up, up, and away!

"Done Brilliantly, Two Bright Lights"


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