How to Optimize Pinterest for your Business



Pinterest has become a very valuable resource to image driven businesses like our own! Knowing how to use Pinterest for your business is an easy and effective way to grow your clientele and build a brand. Currently we track more inbound traffic from Pinterest alone than we do all other social profiles put together. Since we are super fans of Pinterest, we’ve spent the time getting to know what works and what doesn’t, and wanted to of course share that with you!

How to optimize your images for Pinterest:

  • Make sure you name your images appropriately when uploading them to Pinterest. If your image is named the default from your camera (you know that long name packed with numbers that makes no sense), no one can find it. If you name it with keywords that describe the image itself, it will be more easily found on Pinterest, and more frequently pinned.
  • Always include descriptions and keywords that will attract your target demographic to the image you are pinning.
  • When uploading an image or pinning from your own site, be sure to include a link back to your site, to increase referral traffic to your website.
  • Pinterest allows unto 500 characters in an image description. Take advantage of this number and use all characters wisely.
  • Pinterest is a visual social medium – be sure to pin images that are clean, crisp and representative of your brand. Pinterest does not have a vertical limit on how the height of images, but recommends nothing smaller than 300 pixels wide.

How to maximize exposure with Pinterest:

  • Add the pin it button to your own site to ensure others are pinning your images, again increasing referral traffic from Pinterest.
  • Pin from everywhere. If you are simply repinning, you aren’t using Pinterest to the full potential. Pin from other sites, repin on Pinterest, pin from your own site, and upload pins. A great mix will create the best following.
  • Name your pin boards with keywords. The name of your pin board becomes a part of the link that the image is found on—so naming with keywords only helps more traffic find your image.
  • Unlike Facebook, Pinterest allows the search engines to crawl their network, so popular boards to have the possibility of ranking in the search results, so make sure you are publishing or pinning images that you want to use to help you increase your links into your site.

Watch your Pinterest analytics. When do you get the most repins, and inbound traffic from Pinterest? According to Fannit the average Pinterest visit is 16 minutes long, and the most beneficial time to post on Pinterest is Saturday night.

Happy Pinning!
Here are a few of our most popular pins!

Doodle Dog Brand Board | April Foster Artistry

Doodle Dog Brand Board | Branching Out Events, wedding planner Doodle Dog Brand Board | Finicky Filly Charleston Clothing Boutique Doodle Dog Brand Board | Lavalier Bridal Magazine Doodle Dog Brand Board | LLC Events Doodle Dog Brand Board | Petals Couture Doodle Dog Brand Board | Pretty Southern Preppy Clothing Boutique Doodle Dog Brand Board | Sage Wedding Pros Doodle Dog Brand Board | Salinas Images Photography Doodle Dog Brand Board | Sweet Pea Events Doodle Dog Brand Board | Sycamore Farms Wedding Venue

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