Retro, Gatsby Inspired Brand and Website Design – Speakeasy Entertainment

We’re throwing it back to the roaring ’20s with our unique brand and website design for Speakeasy Entertainment, a DJ specializing in wedding music, lighting, and photo booths. We designed a logo that’s sophisticated but friendly, welcoming visitors to a brand personality that is both professional and fun. The elegant Gatsby-era website design brings the 1920s into the 21st century with clean lines and modern sans serif typefaces. Altogether, the site is the perfect place for future Speakeasy clients to connect with a professional party-thrower. After all, “a little party never hurt nobody!”






Get to know Chad and Speakeasy a bit better:

1. I started this business so I could have a better connection with these couples that I was doing work for.  I want their event to feel special and unique, and not just another notch or number to make money from.  I also wanted that freedom to create my own schedule and to do things the way I wanted to.
2. I have an incredibly large wealth of experience in this industry to create the perfect event for these clients, I am very relaxed in my approach, but also very thorough in my execution of the event.
3. I love everything from 80’s, and 70’s funk to 90’s Hip hop, but my true love is House music, not EDM, but real house music.
4. I find inspiration from my wife, her drive and ambition amazes me and keeps me moving.  I also find it from the people I work with and work for.  There is always something I am taking from every one of my clients and DJ friends that allow me to see my full potential.
5. I decided to work with Doodle Dog because of the great references I received from your past clients, and because of the simplistic approach to some of the sites I had seen.  I wanted to slow everything down and try to figure out what I am doing this for and how owning this business myself could bring some balance back into my life.
6. I love the Logo, and I love that it’s a simple layout and gets the point across just as effectively as all the nonsense from the old website.
7. Do what feels right, figure out what you want your business to say about yourself and trust your instincts. 
9.  I do want my business to be successful, but I also don’t want to lose who I am or what I stand for in the process.  It is possible to have both, and that’s why a new start for me was essential.


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