Romantic. Feminine. Beautiful Brand Design for Hampton Morrow Photography

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Since 2008, Stefanie and Ben (the husband and wife team behind the Hampton Morrow Photography brand) have been capturing weddings with a style of photography that is romantic, timeless and all about your love. When they came to us, they were in search for a brand that better represented their photography personality and style.

They used words like, light, airy, feminine and romantic to describe their style. As we were designing and using muted pinks, ivories and greys, we kept those words and mind. When we delivered the initial brand board, Stefanie and Ben were one happy couple!

“OMG¬† It’s like Christmas! ” – Stefanie (after seeing the first design)

Take a peek at the new logo design, business card, and letterhead below.


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“We have a passion for what we do & put a little piece of our hearts into every photo.” – Stefanie and Ben



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