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Graphic Design Inspiration

Grab some graphic design inspiration in our new featured article in which Doodle Dog owner, Nikki gives advice on how to goal set like a boss!

Graphic Design Inspiration


What an honor! We’ve been featured by blogger Sarah Louise Bidmead, a business and life strategist focused on heart-centered entrepreneurs. She’s all about big goals, pursuing passions, and growing brands with heart. From free resources to intensive business-growth programs, she offers a wealth of knowledge to budding entrepreneurs.

Sarah recently launched a new interview series asking real-life business owners about their top tips for brand growth. We were proudly featured as the first interview! Our Founder and Creative Director Nikki Nuckols dives into the successes and challenges behind Doodle Dog’s growth. Take a look at the full interview here to learn more about Goal-Setting Like a Boss.

From work/life balance (yes, it exists!) to expanding your team and everything in between, Nikki covers the real-life story behind launching and growing our company.

Thanks to Sarah Louise Bidmead for interviewing us. It’s always a treat to work with other entrepreneurs who are passionate about successfully growing small businesses! For us, that’s where it all started—and where it will always stay.




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