Elisha Marie Brand and Web Design Launch – Austin, Texas

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Austin-based Elisha Marie Jewelry crafts unique accessories for the modern woman. Inspired by all things succulent and her Austin heritage, Elisha was seeking a new brand identity that would express her personality… feminine (but not too girly), minimal (but with character).

We delivered a mood board that captures free-spirited southwest vibes with a feminine twist—complete with hand-made illustrations and patterns. Olive and emerald greens combine with a dusty pink in this versatile color palette—accented by soft touches of dusty blue.

The logo incorporates a bold and modern typeface, complemented by a delicate line drawing of Elisha’s favorite inspiration: a cactus. With several variations, it’s a versatile mark that Elisha will easily be able to incorporate on all her brand collateral. But we didn’t stop there! Our team also illustrated a delicate hand and dainty bird to be used in custom patterns throughout Elisha Marie Jewelry’s branding.

We brought this Austin brand identity to life on several print elements: business cards, jewelry care cards, custom envelopes, and even patterned tissue paper. With so many personality-packed collateral pieces, we have no doubt that Elisha Marie Jewelry will make an impact at every moment of the customer experience!

Then we turned to Elisha Marie Jewelry’s online presence. The business had matured since their original site design, so it was time to launch a more professional and modern website. Plus, we incorporated e-commerce functionality for a cohesive online shopping experience. With added FAQs, shipping and return information, store locations, and contact pages… Elisha Marie’s functionality-packed website is ready for launch!

We have a feeling you’re going to love this Austin brand identity as much as we do. Check it out here:


Austin Brand Identity | Elisha Marie Jewelry, by Doodle Dog

Austin Brand Identity | Elisha Marie Jewelry, by Doodle Dog


Austin Brand Identity | Elisha Marie Jewelry, by Doodle Dog

Austin Brand Identity | Elisha Marie Jewelry, by Doodle Dog


Congratulations to Elisha Marie Jewelry on this big step forward. It’s always exciting to see a small business grow to the next level. Happy Launch Day!

Get to know Elisha and the Elisha Marie brand a bit more:

Why did you start your business? I am a creative person by nature and wanted to pursue a career that allowed my attributes to shine. I always had a hard time finding just the right piece of jewelry or clothing that really spoke to me. I decided it was time to create a business that is committed to quality design and craftsmanship from start to finish using solely recycled metals and conflict-free gemstones.
What is unique about your business? I strive to inspire individualism through my jewelry designs. Sustainability, and ethical production are key to my design methods.
What’s on your Playlist? At this moment The Kinks and Carla Morrison.
Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration everywhere but my main inspiration is gathered in nature. I find the best time to reflect on ideas is when I am calm and relaxed.
Why did you decide to work with Doodle Dog? I needed to find the right voice for my brand and take it to the next level. After reviewing tons of website designers work, I felt that Doodle Dog was the best fit for my brand because they offered a total rebrand option with flexible payments.
Why did you feel the time was right to kick-off this project? I knew that my previous logo wasn’t true to what Elisha Marie stands for and I need a fresh new look that customers could understand. It had been on the back burner for some time now and I knew I had to take the leap to really get the gears in motion.
What’s your favorite part of your new site or new brand? I love the new logo, it really speaks the true voice of our brand. I also love how the website uses powerful photography to catch the audience and it is easily navigational.
What advice would you give to someone considering a rebrand or relaunch? I would say to just go for it!  If it’s something that you have been thinking about for some time, then this is what needs to happen.
Is there anything else you would like to mention? Nikki was very helpful and really listened to what my needs were for this rebrand. She did an excellent job and I would definitely recommend her!


Austin Brand Identity | Elisha Marie Jewelry

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