How to Keep Visitors on Your Website

Designing a website is not just about attracting the target customer to a bunch of pretty content, but also about grabbing their attention once they’re there so they stay long enough to see what you have to offer (and of course creating a path for them to end up on your contact page).

Below are a 7 common design mistakes to avoid in order to keep user frustration at a minimum and prevent potential customers from leaving your website before they have a chance to see how great you are.

  1. NAVIGATION: Give your users a path to follow.
  2. CONTENT INFO: Make your content information easy to find.
  3. AUDIO & VIDEO: Don’t use disruptive music or video that autoplays on your site.
  4. REQUIRING REGISTRATION: Requiring registration to use your site is a turn off.
  5. MEDIOCRE DESIGN: Make sure your website design is organized and easy on the eyes.
  6. POOR LEGIBILITY: Use easy to read typefaces and a good type size.
  7. LACK OF NEW CONTENT: Post new content regularly!

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