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Home Builder Website Design and Brand Board Below.

Introducing new business (and the new brand and website) Renfrow Dunaway Group. RD Group is a local, family-operated custom home builder and remodeler in the Dallas area. With over 30 years of experience building beautiful custom homes and expert remodeling projects, Renfrow Dunaway Group focuses on an easy customer experience while turning visions into a reality.

brand design for dallas construction companyHome Builder Logo Design
Home Builder Logo DesignHome Builder Website Designconstruction renovation company

Home Builder Website DesignHome Builder Website Design
Home Builder Creative Logo Design

We asked the hardworking team behind the brand to tell us a little about themselves and what they thought of the process:

  1. Why did you start your business? We created RDG to give clients a more personal feel.  After working at larger organizations, we both felt the need to be more involved from start to completion.
  2. What is unique about your business?  Our Business is unique in the fact that there are many remodeling companies out there, but not many that provide the same faces from the beginning through the end.
  3. What’s on your Playlist?  Jeff- I have a very broad playlist ranging from Frank Sinatra to Kendrick Lamar, LOL.  John-  “Sturgill Simpson, Chris Knight, and you can never go wrong with a little Yacht Rock”
  4. Where do you find inspiration?  We find our inspiration from the end result.  It’s absolutely awesome when the project turns out like we planned, and sometimes, even better!
  5. Why did you decide to work with Doodle Dog? DoodleDog was recommended to us from a client of ours!  After speaking with them, we felt it was a natural fit.
  6. Why did you feel the time was right to kick-off this project?  Since 100% of our clients come from word of mouth, we wanted to be able to showcase some of our projects as we grow the business.
  7. What’s your favorite part of your new site or new brand?  We absolutely love the look and feel. Classic, Clean, Simple
  8. What advice would you give to someone considering a rebrand or relaunch?  Know what you want the end result to be.  When we first spoke about it with Nikki, we gave an overall picture of what we wanted it to look like.  It fits perfect.

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