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Beau Decor Brand Launch

We were ecstatic to work with Fri Longtchi on a refocused, elevated, luxury brand and website design. Beau Decors creates unique florals, rentals and designs that are in line with her client’s vision for their wedding or event. Beau Decor was very excited about their brand launch and website launch.

We started by refining the logo and overall layout to perfect her brand and appeal more to her client base. We created a custom responsive website built entirely in WordPress, with a design that was easy to navigate and would appeal to the target demographic and make it very simple for potential clients to inquire. We used a colorful palette and metallic to allow the brand to pop off the page and a classic sans serif and serif combo to establish a clean, sophisticated digital personality. This branding has taken Beau Decor to new levels within the event planning world. Take a look at the new designs and tell us what you think!

Are you interested in a custom branding and website design experience? Doodle Dog would love to walk you through that process with us! Feel free to contact us to learn more about our experience.

Beau Decor Brand Launch Beau Decor Brand Launch

Beau Decor Brand Launch

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