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Home Builder Website Design

We’ve been lucky enough to work with the owners of The White Sparrow Barn since its inception, years ago, so when the family of entrepreneurs came to us with their next endeavor, we were excited to help them bring it to life.

“Our homes have a unique Southern charm that is both contemporary and classic. With our home designs and standards of excellence we combine the lost art of old Southern craftsmanship with spacious, airy interiors and exteriors to create a forever home for our clients that stands the test of time.” – Nadia, Owner of The White Sparrow

The original White Sparrow Barn, has truly become a point of inspiration and a movement in the event industry, so we wanted to be sure to build upon the brand recognition that had already been created around the nation, while launching The White Sparrow Properties, a DFW area craftsman homebuilder. Take a look!

Home Builder Website Design

Home Builder Website Design


A note from Nadia Huerta, owner and creative genius behind The White Sparrow Barn and The White Sparrow Properties:

While designing and building the The White Sparrow, it was soon clear to me that while I loved the world of graphic and fine arts, my heart was now being pulled in the direction of architecture. To see what I had envisioned and drawn on paper for years take form and come to life was a huge accomplishment. It felt like anything thing was possible and inspired a if-you-build-it-they-will-come mentality.

After my family and I took the leap of faith of building the barn and experiencing such a beautiful space we knew we wanted the same feeling walking through our home. When looking at traditional Texas homes, we never got the same feeling in them as the barn, which inspired us to build our own.

Having created our own home, it’s given us a passion to build dream homes for amazing clients that are just as excited as we are for this journey. In each home you can see our signature southern elegance and custom details. We hope you can see the time and love poured in to each original design and would love nothing more than to build your dream home.



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