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We love being a part of any business whose mission is to help kids so when owner of OontzKids, Dan Quinn, asked our Texas web design company for our help we jumped at the chance.

If you’re unfamiliar with OontzKids, they are a company that gives kids hands-on experience with real hardware and software from music professionals. From Summer DJ camps, weekend workshops, and private parties, OontzKids aims to provide opportunities for kids and teens to get a taste of DJing, music production, and music performance.

Texas web design company

Since Dan founded OontzKids in the summer of 2016. The program has been met with rave reviews and has since been expanding their reach and course offerings. With the expansion of the program, Dan was looking for a better online experience for the kids and their parents.

Not only did we create a custom look for his site, we made booking easier and even added fun new features like student spotlights and a Book a DJ for budding DJs to get their first gig.

Texas web design company

Texas web design company

Go check out their live website, especially if you have kiddos in DFW who need something to do this summer.


Why did you start your business?

My wife actually suggested the idea of a summer DJ camp when she was eyeing extra space in a potential yoga studio she considered leasing. At first it seemed like a huge mountain to climb (ha, it still is), but the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. If you listen to today’s popular music and monitor the Billboard charts, who is dominating it? DJs and Producers. Electronic Music. 808s and synths instead of guitars and drummers. As a kid who learned guitar because I wanted to be able to make the music I listened to, it made sense to provide an avenue in which they could work with the music they love too. There really wasn’t anything like it around here- where kids could easily access the technology and get the instruction that I wish I had when I was learning!


What is unique about your business?

There’s really nothing like OontzKids around here. We outfit every single student with their own workstation- complete with Pioneer DJ Controllers, laptop computers, headphones, etc…we have experienced, professional instructors who are always performing and staying current with music and event trends, and we allow kids to try out DJing or production without a huge time or financial commitment. You can take one of our 3 day, 12 hour camps for a very reasonable price, and come out with loads of knowledge and techniques to practice at home.


What’s on your Playlist?

This is a very 2-sided answer! When we’re in class, the kids definitely have their favorites that we hear again and again. This summer the kids were obsessed with Drake, Migos, Marshmello, and Martin Garrix. In recent years it’s been Skrillex and Knife Party. So when I leave class I really need to decompress. I enjoy everything from softer acoustic pop (John Mayer, Matt Nathanson, Howie Day) to deeper, darker house and techno music for workouts or even setting a nice ambience while I’m working.


Where do you find inspiration?

As cliche as it may sound, we find it in the kids who come to our camp. OontzKids has definitely sparked something bigger than me, and something that I am always learning from and trying to understand. Not only do we have some insanely talented kids come through the door, but we also have some kids that I didn’t realize we’d reach. Kids with emotional struggles, learning disabilities, a tough situation at home, or things going on in their personal lives where they just really needed an outlet- maybe even a passion. It’s really quite humbling to see what music does for some of these kids and incredibly inspiring to know that sometimes we can help.


Why did you decide to work with Doodle Dog?

DoodleDog was a trusted name in the event industry, and I had seen some work done for my peers. I was not only impressed with how neat and professional the design work was, but with the quick response time from the DoodleDog team, and the ease of providing feedback throughout the whole process. I really enjoyed it.


Why did you feel the time was right to kick-off this project?

OontzKids started as a “side project” but had grown to the point where we just couldn’t operate on a homemade website anymore. We needed a professional brand to match the type of company we were quickly becoming, and DoodleDog really helped get us there.


What’s your favorite part of your new site or new brand?

I just love the homepage and how it really encapsulates our entire message in such a neat and concise layout. It’s something that I always struggled with when trying to run my own site, and Nikki really nailed this. We get our message across quickly, and that’s a very crucial part of what we need to grow.


What advice would you give to someone considering a rebrand or relaunch?

Do it. The longer you wait, the more you’re missing out.

Is there anything else you would like to mention?

Come check out one of our classes – we have date nights for adults too!

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