Mobile Bar Custom Brand Design – Bellissimo

Mobile Bar Custom Brand Design

Bellissimo Bar Company came to us with a concept and a business plan, but looking for a design, web and strategy partner to help bring it to life. We started with the custom logo design, and overall mobile bar custom brand identity, and continued with a custom responsive, WordPress website design.

The founder, and Chicago native, Cindy wanted something that was memorable, stood out, fit into the wedding industry, but was still fun and casual enough for festivals and city events. After searching for the best professionals to work with, Cindy was able to venture overseas to find the perfect truck, that embodied the design and brand personality that she had been craving – it’s happy, cute, it’s memorable, is trendsetting – it’s Bellissimo.

Bellissimo Bar Company is making the world a happier place, one glass at a time. It is a mobile bar based in Chicago, Illinois. The truck can be rented for events, weddings, festivals, and anything else that you might want a unique addition to. The truck is a full service wine bar that has two wine taps for your two favorite types of wines, and can cater to other alcohol requests, as well. Even though it is a truck, it can even go into indoor venues and spaces because of its mini size! This is a versatile experience that will make any event stand out.

Take a look at the logo and brand design below, and be sure to stop by their new website here!

mobile bar custom brand design

mobile bar custom brand design bar custom brand design

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