Wine Website Design – Sociologie Next Generation

Wine Website Design – Sociologie Wines

We are excited to feature the latest wine website design for  the Sociologie Wine brand. We’ve been  honored to work with found, Amy Hampton, of Sociologie Wines for nearly a decade. From the beginning stages when Amy let me sample her wine, sitting at her dining room table while we discussed what she dreamed the brand would become, to assisting her with pitch decks for major retailers, bottle and packaging designs, we’ve continued with one visions over the years, creating a feminine, social driven, fun-loving brand that felt like a “sweet companion”.

Every few years we focus on elevating the brand and digital experience to stay relevant and sophisticated. Here’s a look at the latest and greatest. Stay tuned for more exciting things that are on the horizon with this one!


Socioligie Wine – A sweet COMPANION

We believe in great music, wonderful conversation and fabulous gatherings between family and friends. our wines are refreshing blends of delicious fruits and natural ingredients that will make your taste buds smile! Invite your friends over for a fun sociologie wine party!


Stop by the new site – and get to know the founder and the brand a bit more!

Amy Hampton is the visionary, founder and CEO of Sociologie Wine, Tasting-Panel Magazine silver-medal award-winning, inspiring women-centric, beautiful hand-illustrated wine collection. Sociologie Wines have been successful sold in select Spec’s Fine Wines and Spirits (TX), Walmart (TX), Royal Blue Grocery (TX), Winn-Dixie/ BiLo (FL), and Giants Foods (MD, DC, VA). Always thinking outside the bottle, Amy launched an elevated day soirée, Raise Your Glass Dallas, a community wine-tasting event that pours proceeds into non-profits and outreach programs benefiting women and girls that attracts more than 300+ taste-makers, wine-aficionados, media influencers, and social-enthusiasts. After serving over a decade in leading a multi-regional hospital system, teaching in academic institutions, and nonprofits, Amy pairs purpose and perspective with winemaking. She is a socially-conscious-mad-scientist who woos with wine by mixing and mingling a message of women-empowerment, inclusivity and multiculturalism in every bottle with grace and cheers. Amy holds a B.S. degree in Biological Sciences with a interest in Sociology from Hampton University (VA) and Masters of Science in Public Health from Meharry Medical College (TN). Amy’s colorful perceptive flows from her blended Ugandan, Texan, All-American, girl next door heritage. She calls Dallas, Texas her home with her amazing husband Dr. Darian Hampton and sweet daughter Alexandria Blythe.

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