By Design Collective Website Launch – Catering

By Design Collective Website Launch

By Design Collective Website Launch

While speaking at the ILEA Up North Showcase in Michigan last year, I met Ingrid, the Founder of By Design Collective. Ingrid was also speaking, about scaling your business and team the same day that I was talking about creating a website for your business that was more than just a pretty portfolio. It was like all the stars aligned that day when we were sat next to each other because I was picking her brain on scaling efficiently with a virtual team and she was ready for some answers in terms of how her website could be more reflective of their brand.

By Design Collective is an internationally recognized, award-winning catering and décor company that specializes in executing highly customized event experiences through their signature brand divisions – Catering by DesignDécor by Design and Picnics by Design.

As they approach 25 years in business, they continue to focus on creating original innovative concepts, to build a team that will lead the way in their industry, and to be the leading company for noteworthy events in the state of Colorado and beyond.


By Design Collective Website Launch

We had three different brands and in-turn, three different paths to direct users down. We wanted to emphasize that no matter what path, this was a team with advanced knowledge and expertise right off the bat. We focused largely on creating organized paths on this site with color. This was a perfect fit since the brand focused on three main contrasting colors.
By Design Collective Website Launch

By Design Collective Website Launch

From the navigation at the top, we organized all of the pages from each brand into their own categories – by color, as well as with color overlays on images that were clickable to lead the user. Subliminally, this helps direct the user on where to go next. By Design Collective Website Launch

When it was all said and done, we launched a new website for By Design Collective that not only had a strong organized foundation, but also helped with lead generation.

Check out their new launch.

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We asked Ingrid what she thought!

“Everything turned out great and I’m excited to have a website that’s easy for us to edit. I really love the new hidden form idea because it gives us an idea of who is serious about taking the time to talk to us vs being a looky-loo. “

– Ingrid Nagy, Owner & Director of Finance – By Design Collective⁠

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