Dallas Brand Identity Design for Trinity Fireside

Dallas Brand Identity Design for Trinity Fireside

Trinity Fireside the leading supplier and installer of Fireplaces, outdoor living, and garage doors. Their wide selection, expertise, and professional service are an integral part of their business relationships, and allow them to provide customers unmatched value, as well as a high level of trust.

Trinity takes pride in their relationships with quality manufacturers, over 150 years of combined industry experience, high levels of certification, and partnerships with some of the most well-known and respected builders and architects in Texas, Oklahoma, and surrounding areas.

There was no doubt, Trinity came to us with a very well established and respected business. Fireplaces have evolved into works of art. While still creating the perfect mood and ambiance for any occasion and any style. Trinity fireside came to us in search of a statement-worthy brand and digital experience that would feel equally evolved!

Whenever we create a logo we always try to consider how it will throughout all applications, single color or full color, big or small, the logo has to be functional for the brand to use it to build recognition everywhere! Trinity Fireside has the perfect new example of that. From the full multi-color logo that is super eye-catching as cars pass their branded signage on the street, to the gold foil stamp submark you see here, it’s all one cohesive brand.

We started working together on the Trinity Fireside brand identity design – from the logo design and color palette, to brand guidelines and standards we created the basics for this brand to continue to grow in a cohesive way. In addition to the Dallas brand identity design we created a custom WordPress website with more elements and functions than we can count!

Luxury Dallas Brand Identity Design

“You guys did such an amazing job! We can’t thank you enough for knowing exactly what we needed and bringing that vision to life!” – Elle, Trinity Fireside

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Custom gold foil painted edges make a flat print card feel like a million bucks. Bold, vibrant yard signs call attention to the brand and associate it with homes and homeowners in the target demographic.

Dallas Brand Identity Design Luxury Gold FoilDallas Brand Identity Design Builder Designer Remodeler Dallas Brand Identity Design, Custom Website Design, Patagonia Inspired

This website is so much more than just a pretty face. From the custom design that leads users down one of the designated paths for the service they’re looking for, to the e-commerce shop, virtual visualizer, onsite contest and so much more, it’s an online experience.

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Dallas Brand Identity Design Outdoor Living

Dallas Brand Identity Design Dallas Brand Identity Design Dallas Brand Identity Design

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Visit the Trinity Fireside website live.

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