Photographer Brand Design Website Design – Rachel Driskell

Photographer Brand Design Website Design

Photographer Brand Design Website Design

We began working with Rachel when we were creating the new website for the Wedding Association of the Brazoz Valley (check that site out!), and soon began working together on Rachel’s personal business brand and website as well. Starting with a new logo design and brand identity, setting brand standards and guidelines, creating collateral and finishing it up with the custom website design, we collaborated with her to create a brand that was truly a reflection of the sophisticated experience you can expect working with Rachel and her team.

After meeting and working together, I knew we not only needed to capture her professionalism and quality of work, but also highlight the perfect amount of spunk that she brings to the table. We did this by incorporating a handwritten style calligraphy throughout the brand itself (in the logo as well as large emphasis points throughout the online experience). In addition to the visual addition, we wanted to keep the copy conversational and fun. Check out her new about page to get an idea of what we’re talking about here.

Photographer Brand Design Website Design

Photographer Brand Design Website Design

Your Wedding Day is important. It is FUN and amazing, and a celebration of a new journey, a new beginning. A celebration of two people fully committing themselves to each other…there isn’t much else more precious in life.


I hope and pray that each of our couples do not go into this union lightly. That they understand the beautifully amazing thing they are about to embark on. It comes with more than a party and a ring. It comes with working day in and day out to love each other (even when it’s just a verb), and to honor each other. Your Wedding Day is just the beginning…

Take a look at the live website here!

We love the contrast between the classic sophisticated monogram and the welcoming handwritten script.

Interested in seeing other work we’ve done for photographer’s brands and websites? Check out a few of our favorites here. If you’d like to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your brand and website needs, head over to our contact page to drop us a note.


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