Ebony Peoples Goes Responsive

We have had the pleasure of working with Ebony Peoples since the very beginning; we first designed their logo, brand elements, and website back in 2010. It’s hard to believe six years have flown by already, but it was about time for Ebony Peoples to make a few updates. Maintaining a brand can be just as important as the original design; keeping up with trends and digital innovations is essential to a brand’s success. Ebony Peoples is an example of a brand that did just that. First, we tweaked their original logo to bring it up to date without sacrificing brand recognition. A few simple changes streamlined their graphic into a cleaner version of their recognizable monogram:


Responsive Web Design



The big changes happened online, where we converted the Ebony Peoples website to a responsive design. Responsive functionality is a major development since the original website was first created; with the exponential growth of multiple devices, online design has undergone some big changes in the past six years. After all, back then we were still holding second generation iPhones, and there was no such thing as an iPad yet! And it’s not just about how responsive sites look; in fact, responsive design is now a must-have for optimal search engine rankings. To get the inside scoop on all things responsive, check out our post about responsive website design and why it matters.

Luckily for Ebony Peoples (and you!), converting a site to be responsive is an easy – and highly effective – update to make. Their switch to mobile-friendly functionality will go a long way in boosting their rankings and collecting more traffic on their site. Plus, making the switch allowed us to tweak their design as well. We cleaned up their online look, resulting in a fresh website that is up-to-date, search engine friendly, and easy to access from any device:

EbonyPeoples_iPhone copy

EbonyPeoples_iPad copy

We love seeing clients take the initiative to stay on-trend. Ebony Peoples has always sought out innovation in her event design; her online presence should be no different. What a pleasure to see this brand grow over the years! Thank you, Ebony Peoples for taking the plunge on responsive design—we’re sure your future clients will appreciate it!

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