Brand Design for Videographer, Purely Films

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Brand Design for Videographer

Introducing the new logo and brand design for videographer, Purely Films. When you meet a dynamic duo like the pair behind this brand, you really stop and remind yourself why you do what you do. I’m not sure if I’ve ever talked to business owners before (after over 300 projects now), who have been more passionate about why they love their business and their client and what their goal is, in doing what they do. We wanted to make sure that that passion was evident through their brand design.

At our initial creative kick-off meeting, Holly and Ryan communicated the company’s heart and goals and told us about why they were different. They told us about their craft, their love for capturing emotion and their desire to document real life. We wanted to focus on creating a perfectly, imperfect logo design that would be classic and stand the test of time. With an icon that resembles a tear drop – or diamond (you be the judge) and messy handwritten font, the combination and contrast are perfect.

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