Designed for the Creative Mind Podcast featuring Doodle Dog founder, Nikki Nuckols

Episode 022: Why Your Interior Design Business Needs A Digital Strategy with Nikki Nuckols

“Hey y’all, welcome back to the podcast. My next guest and I are talking all about digital strategy and why your interior design business needs it. Nikki Nuckols is a brand and web design expert who marries innovation and creativity with digital strategy. With a degree in Advertising and Marketing, Nikki started her career as an Advertising Firm Art Director, working with corporate giants such as Target and Best Buy, but soon realized her passion for small business growth and success. Now, with more than a decade of experience and over 400 brand and website launches in her portfolio, Nikki leads her team as the Founder and Creative Director of Doodle Dog Creative and Co-Founder of Click & Co., both strategic digital agencies.”

– Michelle Lynne, Founder ML Interiors Group & Designed for the Creative Mind

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