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divorce advice website

divorce advice website

Divorce Advice Website

The dynamic duo behind VEER came to us in search of a complete launch. When we started, they were finalizing the name, and we took the brand from there, first creating the logo design, collateral and website design. They were looking for a clean, minimalistic design that would appeal to both male and female visitors – provide a clever visual – and be easy for digital visitors to remember. We used a crisp, bold sans serif font for the main logo typography, adding simplistic arrows facing alternate directions to emphasize the veer in life that happens during a life-changing event like divorce. The olive green and dusty navy created a nice balance that was not overly masculine or feminine.

This self-help website design and digital brand create a simplistic user experience online. Allowing the user to learn about the divorce process, seek help from a more affordable source than attorneys, and have a safe ally in a process that can feel isolating and scary.

divorce advice website

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divorce advice website divorce advice website

divorce coach website divorce advice website

divorce coach website

No one gets married thinking it will end in divorce, but it happens. And when it does it can feel overwhelming and chaotic. Making logical decisions in the midst of emotional conflict can be extremely challenging. VEER was created to bring calm and perspective to your situation. They guide you through the rocky path of divorce with a steady hand and all of the resources you will need to get you through the process. Don’t tackle your divorce alone. Contact VEER today and learn how they can help! divorce advice website



Amy is originally from San Antonio, Texas, and has over 27 years in the financial services industry. Amy and her ex-husband have been divorced for more than a decade and have worked hard to co-parent her three children. The experience of divorce changed every aspect of Amy’s life as she once knew it. She vividly remembers searching for clarity out of the chaos, and for a path forward through divorce.

The idea for VEER was born from the desire to be that voice of clarity, to provide the lifeline in the midst of a personal storm, and perhaps most importantly, to give support to others during times of extreme self doubt. The impact of the right advice at the right time in someone’s life typically has a value that is beyond measure. The stakes are high in the short term and long term outcomes of divorce. It is Amy’s desire to give everyone who wants it, a chance to have the best possible outcome for themselves and their family.

Amy’s hobbies include physical fitness, travel, reading, and art. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and always appreciates the opportunity to help others.



Tamara’s outlook on divorce was formed at an early age when her parents went through a difficult separation of marriage.  She saw for herself both the painful process as well as the relief it can provide.  She and her family found a path forward to happiness.

Her own life experience, both personal and through helping friends and family through divorce, inspired her to find a new and better way to support people going through the process. She understands the overwhelm of navigating the legal process, the emotional impact divorce can have, and the difference it makes to have someone in your corner.

The idea of creating a new and better way through divorce prompted her to train to become a Certified Divorce Coach.

Tamara was born and raised in Austin, she’s been married for 14 years and has 3 children. When not coaching VEER clients, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

divorce advice website

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