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Organization Brand Design

Chief of Staff Roundtable came to Doodle Dog in search of an organization brand design.

“Since its conception, there has been a universal desire among Chiefs of Staff for clarity in the role, a source for answers, and a trusted community that understands this often confusing and lonely role.

The Chief of Staff Roundtable exists to deliver on that need. Our mission is to be the definitive source and trusted community for every Chief of Staff in the world.

Our membership is what makes this possible. As most executives are learning, every Chief of Staff has something substantial to offer which is why we are able to collectively develop and deploy robust, inclusive, and accessible programs and services to help Chiefs of Staff succeed at every developmental level. So, what makes us different? The Roundtable is 100% for Chiefs of Staff, by Chiefs of Staff!”

Learning about and understanding the Chief of Staff brand, we wanted to create a logo that felt unifying. It needed to feel like a badge of honor that a member could wear with pride. It needed to make members feel like they are truly a part of a desired “club” that was made for them and by people just like them. Combining the C the O and the S into a logo icon, allowed us to focus on what’s most important in this brand, the Chief of Staff. From a visual perspective, tying all three letters into a circle gave a simple nod to the “roundtable” that you were becoming a part of. Using a monochromatic color palette full of bold red tones, gave a feel of power and brought the Chief of Staff members to the forefront.

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