Influencer Brand Design – Henok Crypto

Take a look at our latest Influencer Brand Design for Henok Crypto.

Do you see the glasses in this logo design? Look closely above and see if you can spot it. If you see Henok’s signature glasses in every picture above than you’ll see why the logo design and brand design for this influencer brand design was inspired by Henok (and his glasses).

Henok and his team came to us in search of a logo design for his rapidly growing digital brand. He was looking for something that felt modern and memorable but also represented the online persona that he had already created with his influential social media accounts. Immediately, we. noticed his statement-worthy glasses in all of his photos and wanted to create a concept that mirrored those.

The design contains a nuetral base of tan, light grey, a rich charcoal and small splashes of gold.

Who is Henok?

An animated, dynamic and entertaining personality, Henok Crypto is an eloquent communicator that disseminates valuable information. While being highly professional, he’s both funny and motivational. Henok is a premier and uplifting voice in the burgeoning Crypto and Web3 industry. Zany and joyful, his fun personality will draw you in, while his industry knowledge will compel you to stay.

Why is the Henok Crypto brand growing so rapidly and making waves?

The $100 Million Challenge is the answer.


He’s documenting his journey of turning $1 million into $100 million in crypto. He works with a team of in house Crypto Analysts to show the world that anything is possible. By using social media he’s able to spread crypto awareness.


He wants to inspire the world to grow in every area of life and Crypto is an opportunity to spread that positive message to the masses. He is seeking to show the world what is possible in Crypto since it’s such a new space. Lastly, he’s going to leverage his influence to help steer projects he invests in towards the right direction.

Interested in learning more about Henok? Visit his website here. 

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